Equipment Requirements

Ski Boots – should be well-fitted, flexible, front entry buckle type boots (no rear-entry boots!) 

Skis – all racers should have one pair of soft-flex skis. Skis should be race-ready: bottoms flat filed, edges sharpened, tips and tails de-tuned and waxed for snow conditions and snow temperature. A ski tune-up clinic may be held during the early part of the season. Flyers are also available on ski tuning, usually posted on the Race Team bulletin board or can be obtained from a Race Team officer, and information is posted on our web page. 

Goggles – are Strongly Recommended for all practices and races. They help protect racers’ eyes from the gate poles and the keep out the elements. Clear goggles are strongly recommended for evening practices. Tinted goggles are beneficial on sunny race days. 

Helmets (with hard ear flaps) – Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League REQUIRES the use of helmets at all League Sponsored events. All racers are required to wear an appropriate alpine ski helmet. Although no specifications have been mandated for ski helmet certification look for helmets that contain one or more of the following certifications: CEN, Snell RS-98 or S-98, ASTM F-2040, or other ASTM certification.  Starting with the 2012-2013 season, all racers will be required to wear full hard-sided helmets.  Partial helmets with soft ear flaps will not be allowed. 

Clothing – Weather appropriate clothing should be worn to all practices and races. Please remember that the temperatures on the chair lift and on the hill are colder than in your backyard. Layering works best. A sports bag with extra layers and a second pair of gloves, ski socks, etc. is most helpful.